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Create Your Menu Service

A service that not only helps you decide on what to cook, but a service that builds your grocery shopping list for you so there's no need to worry about how much to buy. We will give you menu suggestions, build the menu and create the shopping list of all needed ingredients!

Add on Restaurant Delivered Meal for an easy trip starter.
Add on Shop ~N~ Drop service and we'll do the shopping for you selected fresh from local outlets and prompty delivered to you.

If you prefer to do the grocery shopping, your shopping list can be easily emailed to you.

Create Your Menu Service Starts at $150

How our service works.

  • Step 1: Fill out the order form options below and return them to us.
    • Order by Fax: print & fill out the forms,
      then fax them to 1-928-832-4250.
    • Order by Email: download & edit the forms,
      then email them to .
  • Step 2: Shortly after we recieve your forms, you will be contacted to confirm your order and arrange for delivery.
  • Step 3: At the delivery time of your choosing, your grocery shopping list will be emailed to you. Or, if you add on our Shop ~N~ Drop service, then you items will be delivered to you.
    ** Stocking service is available.
To get started, download your forms.
  1. Customer information form is needed to start your service and to reserve a delivery time.
  2. Your menu may be submitted with the customer information or at a later date.
  3. The billing information form is needed for credit card payment. - optional if you want to send this by phone.

Fomat: ODT, DOCX & PDF Formats avail.

* Premium On-Site Catering service available. Meals prepared at your location. Contact us for full details of our highly reviewed service.

Unlike some other similar services that charge you when your order is placed, Lake Powell Groceries will not charge your credit card until your items are purchased, then promptly delivered. See pricing.

You have the option to fill out the customer information form only to reserve a delivery time and then send us your menu items at a later date when you have made final choices. You also have the freedom to make changes to your order at any time prior to them being purchased.

For any additional questions, please contact us.